New smoke and carbon monoxide alarm legislation for landlords

The new laws that came into force on the 1st October 15 seem to have gone below the radar of many landlords.

The new regulations are tightening up on the placement and maintenance of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in residential property.

Hopefully this will save lives!

More  information over at

.gov web page

Alarms seem to have advanced over recent years, at Blackenstone some of our clients having been giving their tenants the choice of paying the extra for a fully featured alarm such as the nest protect.

Nest protect
Nest protect alarm

It has lots of nice touches such as self checking, iPhone app and lighting up as you walk past in the dark. However do remember that at the time of writing it is not approved for commercial buildings only residential.


Thought it was worth an update, whilst the Nest alarms are good, the mains powered ones are apparently an absolute pain to fit, the power connector plug that is an integral part, sticks out of the back of the unit. Thus in order to mount flush with the ceiling or wall one has to cut a recess, designer clearly never fitted one!